Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kids Change the World by Inspiring Others to Fight for Change

In honor of Cesar Chavez Day, next Tuesday, March 31st, I want to share why I wrote
 C Is for Change – The Story of Cesar Chavez, OnePerson Can Change Many Lives. The book actually started out as a poem that I was inspired to write for my first grade class in Inglewood, CA. The kids had to perform during a Cesar Chavez Day assembly, so I created a poem for them to memorize and recite in front of their entire student body. Later on, the poem progressed into a colorful acrostic-style picture book that I released last March.

The idea came to me when I was at my school’s book fair and read through an alphabet book called “J is for Jump”. It included fun facts in the margins for each letter of the alphabet and at that moment, I knew that I wanted to turn the poem into a book like that. While writing the book, I made an effort to ensure that children would gain an understanding of civil rights hero, Cesar Chavez and be inspired by his quoted remarks to make changes in their communities. I designed the 3 in 1 reading level picture book so that it can grow with a child, making it ideal for all families. As the child grows, they will gain a new understanding of Chavez that they wouldn’t have understood when they were younger. However the book can solely be read at specific reading levels so children don’t necessarily have to read previous levels to understand the book. 

Through my research, I have found that many children are not exposed to Cesar Chavez in their schools. All American civil rights leaders are important heroes in our country and it’s important for kids to see that these heroes are diverse in race, gender, class and age. Chavez played such a vital role in the United Farm Workers movement that resulted in better working conditions and higher wages for farm workers. We all know that if it weren’t for farmer workers tending to farmland, we would be without food.

The pictures in the book depict Chavez’s life and the United Farm Workers movement and were created in a paper cutout fashion. I looked at a variety of real pictures captured during Chavez’s era and designed images out of recycled and craft store bought paper to reflect these old photos. The clothing that you see worn by people in the book was made out of cut up clothing from both my family’s and my own closet along with clothing that I purchased at the goodwill store.

The legacy of Chavez continues to inspire me each day, so much that I’ve begun writing another book about him. This time around, the book will contain more content and follow a more traditional chapter book. I truly admire individuals that make their dreams a reality and would be open to writing books about other civil rights activists. I’m a strong believer that by teaching kids about American heroes, they will have the opportunity to dream big and fight for positive change in our world.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Press Release for C Is for Change's 1 year anniversary

C Is for Change Author Celebrates Cesar Chavez Day on March 31st and Book’s One Year Anniversary

Arlene AR Williams Promotes Cesar Chavez’s Vision of Social Justice

Seattle, WA – March 16, 2015 – Commit to a day of service, this Cesar Chavez day, to honor the life and legacy of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez's work for farm workers’ rights.

On March 31st, Cesar Chavez Day and Chavez's birthday, Arlene AR Williams, author of C Is for Change – The Story of Cesar Chavez, One Person Can Change Many Lives, celebrates the day by spreading his vision of social justice to children at local schools and partnering with the National Chavez Center in Keene, CA. Williams, also a local teacher, is simultaneously celebrating the one year anniversary of C is For Change, a multiple reading level picture book biography of Cesar Chavez.

The book was inspired by the legacy of Cesar Chavez, prominent civil rights activist in the Latino community, who courageously fought for the rights of farm workers by leading the non-violent United Farm Workers movement. Since the release of C Is for Change, Williams met with leadership of the United Farm Workers to join in their effort to promote Chavez’s vision of justice for farm workers. More recently, she visited several schools throughout Washington state, using C Is for Change to educate children on the struggle of the American farm worker during the past 60 years. The visits encouraged them to be part of social change for farm workers and in their communities.

“It is important to mark time with children, to celebrate and create traditions and use holidays as reminders to redirect their attention to what is important.  I love reading C Is for Change to youth of all ages to help them learn American history and remember an amazing civil rights hero,” said author and illustrator Arlene AR Williams. “Sharing Chavez’s passion with the next generation is imperative. One of my favorite Cesar Chavez quotations in the book is, ‘Once social change begins it cannot be reversed.’”

President Barack Obama proclaimed March 31st as Cesar Chavez Day in the United States to reflect on the work that Chavez did and continue his legacy through community and educational programs that promote change. Williams continues this work by leading social awareness campaigns at schools, using C Is for Change as a tool to engage students in fun educational activities.

As an author, Williams’ goal is to teach children about the history of Cesar Chavez so they can be inspired by him to create change in their own communities. She emphasizes that the national conversation on fair wages and immigration should be approachable to youth. The bilingual English and Spanish book includes three reading levels, making it suitable for children of all ages. The first letter of each word in the primary text is an acrostic poem that spells out Cesar Chavez’s name and includes accompanying facts and quotations from Chavez.

To honor the legacy of Cesar Chavez, the book can be purchased on, and a portion of the book’s proceeds will benefit local Latino service organizations, as well as the Cesar Chavez Foundation and the United Farm Workers of America.


About C is for Change

C is for Change – The Story of Cesar Chavez, One Person Can Change Many Lives is a multiple reading level children’s picture-book biography of Cesar Chavez and the struggle of the American farm worker during the past 60 years as seen through poetry/prose, facts and Chavez’s own words. Themes of the book include social justice, leadership, non-violence, equality, Latino history and multicultural unity. The facts and Chavez’s quotations tell the story of his struggle and legacy, making his inspiring words accessible to a new generation of young readers. For more information, visit and


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